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Welcome to Sea Horse Ranch!

Guided Horseback Riding on the California Coast

You’ve always wanted to go on a guided horseback ride on the beach, right? Don’t put it off another day. Sea Horse Ranch is located on the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway in Half Moon Bay, the flower and pumpkin growing capital of the world.

We have the very best guided horseback riding anywhere in California.

It is not required for an adult to ride with a rider under the age of 18 years old, but an adult has to be present to sign the release liability form.  The youngest rider has to be at least 7 years old.

About Us

Sea Horse Ranch offers guided horseback riding on the Coastal Equestrian Trail and Half Moon Bay’s Poplar Beach. All rides are appropriate for first time, moderately experienced, and experienced riders. We open daily at 8am and closing times vary with seasonal changes. We may also close due to severe inclement weather and/or extremely poor trail conditions, for safety reasons. Online reservations are required.